June 18 mtg

Minutes from the first meeting- June 18th 2009.
Goals: ( in no particular order)
Create new methods for teaching Biology that will be adopted by faculty around the world,
Produce research based teaching methods.
Develop hypotheses concerning student learning in Biology that are testable.
Create guidelines for conducting rigorous biology education research.
Provide a forum to discuss effective teaching methods.
Create a network of faculty, grad students and post-docs across the UW tri-campuses to facilitate collaborations on grants and studies.
Create a certificate program in college science pedagogy for graduate students. This will serve as a pilot for a National Certification program by AAAS or HHMI.
Create mentored teaching opportunities for graduate students.

Actions: (for now)
will hold one meeting a month for the summer months-- in HCK 546

Monday July 13 at 10 am -- Scott will present ideas for "experiments in education"--HHMI
Thursday August 13 at 10 am
Thursday Sept 10 at 4pm

will hold a biweekly journal club- focus data papers


BEGOODD will host the journal club

Annual seminar speaker on recent advances in Science Education

In attendance
Michael Fleming- graduate student, Biology
David Haak-graduate student, Biology
Brooks Miner- graduate student, Biology
Cristy Walcher - graduate student, Biology
Bryan White- graduate student, Neurobiology- PIP fellow, Program in Interdisciplinary Pedagogy at Bothell
Becka Price- Faculty, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Bothell
Martha Groom-Faculty, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Bothell
Mark Servetnick -Faculty, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Bothell
Linda Martin Morris- Faculty, Biology, UW Seattle
Scott Freeman-Faculty, Biology, UW Seattle
Karen Petersen-Faculty, Biology, UW Seattle
Liz Van Volkenburgh-Faculty, Biology, UW Seattle
Mary Pat Wenderoth-Faculty, Biology, UW Seattle

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